Charlie Olinger began his recovery journey on February 13, 2010 and he treasures all the ups and downs that have come with his journey because he truly knows what it means to spend the larger part of his life not feeling anything.

In addition to being a Certified Recovery Specialist, Charlie is the Program Director for the Housing and Transportation Department. He is responsible for providing transportation to individuals in need of Inpatient Treatment when no other transportation is available. During these rides, he is able to share some of his experiences with these individuals. He hopes that this personal connection will help them feel a little less anxious. He is also working with the agency on providing recovery housing to individuals in need. His role will ensure that the individuals are not only living in a safe and structured environment, but they will also work on their own recovery by building the coping skills to start their journey into this wonderful way of life.

Charlie has been a CRS since 2012 and throughout his time he has been able to meet some of the most remarkable people and help some of them find their inner strengths and use those strengths to build a life in recovery. He also connects them to local resources needed to reach the goals that they set for themselves.

Charlie says that it is an amazing feeling to have a family and someone you care about look to you for love, advice, strength, and hope. His recovery means everything to him because without it he would have lost everything he cares about, including himself.