Research shows that gamers that purchase loot crates are more likely to struggle with problem gambling behaviors in the present and future.

The purchasing of Loot Crates creates an “illusion of control.”  This triggers these problem gambling behaviors in youth and adults.  Be smart about how and how often you spend money on loot crates.  Plan and budget how much you are willing to spend.  Also, keep track of how much you have spent.  And never use someone else’s credit or debit card without their permission.  Always stop and think about if you really need to purchase that crate.

Parents: talk to your kids about what they’re spending in-game and share any concerns and expectations that you may have.  For most, a purchase here and there isn’t an issue, but the young and developing mind can begin to think that these things are vital or that they won’t succeed without making this purchase.  If you don’t know where the money came from: ask!

If you or someone you know is potentially struggling with problem gambling or gaming issues, call 1.800.Gambler today to talk with an expert on how to help yourself or a loved one.  Not much of a phone talker? Visit to text or chat with a counselor who can help.  They are open to helping those who need advice or anyone with questions or concerns.