Although Matt has struggled with addiciton and everything that comes along with it since his early twenties, he is proud to say that he has been successfully recovering since February 24, 2016. Matt truly believes that actually doing the work and not just removing the alcohol and the drugs is the key to his, and others’, recovery. His focus is on changing behaviors and working on mental, as well as spiritual, recovery. Matt is a proponent for spiritual recovery and he advocates for meditation as part of recovery.  Matt is currently studying for and will soon obtain an instructor’s certification in meditation.

If you know Matt, you know that he is a music and book nerd (his words!) and he loves older classic horror films. His biggest inspiration for sticking with recovery is his daughter. Matt has dealt with multiple hip replacements since 2006, but the last one, which was in 2016, seems to have done the trick because he has reached a point where he can walk without a cane and is able to to work, albeit part time. Pushing through this tough time and prevailing encouraged Matt to pursue the Certified Recovery Specialist training.  He knew that he wanted to use his past and his knowledge to benefit others. Since starting his work in recovery, his life has changed so much for the better and continues to do so. He is grateful to LCDAC for giving him his first opportunity to work in recovery.  He cannot wait to see what the future holds.