Recovery Support Services

Recovery Support Services (RSS) is a peer-based support program for individuals pre-recovery, new to recovery, or struggling with recovery.

It connects individuals with a Certified Recovery Support Specialist (Recovery Coach) who will provide assistance, support, and encouragement to individuals in their recovery.  Recovery Coaches will assist individuals in accessing services such as obtaining their GED, housing, medical resources, etc.  However, Recovery Support can do more than find your a local resource.  By tapping into a curriculum, RSS staff are able to help you build coping skills, improve coummunication, evaluate relationships, and find the hidden gratitude list in your life.  The Recovery Coaches also introduce individuals to the recovering community and provide one-on-one support, including but not limited to, accompanying individuals to their first support meeting.  Recovery Support Services are more mobile now than ever.  We strive to meet you where you are at before, during, and after treatment.  Our presence is well-known in the following platforms:

  • Jail
  • Central Court
  • Outpatient Treatment Providers
  • Discovery House
  • Local Support Meetings

To request Recovery Support Services and connect with your own Recovery Support Coach, please call the Lawrence County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. at (724) 658-5580.